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Girls Only! is a gender-specific,  preventative education program for girls ages 8 to 15 that is designed to:

  • Inspire and promote self-love, self-esteem, and motivation
  • Develop life skills, healthy coping skills, and decision-making skills
  • Keep girls, who are at risk, out of the influence of gangs, drugs, and sex trafficking
  • Inspire girls to further their education
  • and prevent unplanned pregnancy

It is a research based program developed from the best practices and informed by evidence-based research and was created to specifically attend to the needs of young girls in San Diego. Girls in San Diego live in a large, diverse county that faces border politics, racial disparity, gangs and drug activity, high unemployment rates, high sex trafficking rates, prisoners returning to communities, and disproportionate divisions of wealth. Girls Only! intends to prevent young girls from getting involved with these elements by building self-esteem and empowering them to make healthy choices.