Career & College Day

Exploring the Future


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 Girls Only! Session

Girls Only! Session


Lesson: Career Day

Length of lesson: 45 Minutes

Getting exposure to various career choices expands young people’s imaginations and understandings of what they can “be when they grow up.” For career day, invite representatives from various occupations to present about their career choice and their path to getting there. These guests should be women who represent careers such as teachers, doctors/nurses, veterinarians, politicians, lawyers, cooks/chefs, artists, businesswomen, athletes, hairdressers, zookeepers, actors, and other fields.

Lesson: College Day

Length of lesson: 1 Hour

Education expands the knowledge and opportunities for mankind. Specifically in America, having a degree plays a significant role in landing a desirable career. Not only is college beneficial to success, it can also be an important transition into adulthood, an independent life, making new friends, and experiencing new things.