Creative Arts

Expression through Artistic Outlets

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 Girls Only! Session

Girls Only! Session

Lesson: Just Because

Length of lesson: 30 Minutes

Stereotypes are commonly held beliefs, assumptions, or oversimplifications about groups or types of people. We all learn stereotypes about gender, race, class, ethnicity, religion, and age from the media, our peers, and families. Stereotypes, whether supported by evidence or not, make it difficult to see people as individuals.

Lesson: Talent Show

Length of lesson: N/A

Talent shows provide arenas for people of all ages to demonstrate a skill or talent of their choice. Although talent shows are often competitive and the winner sometimes receives a prize, the goals of this talent show are solely to practice performing, have fun, and encourage positive feedback and therefore it should not be a competition.

Lesson: Multi- Cultural Exhibition

Length of lesson: 1 Hour

In a world filled with so many cultures and traditions, it’s a great learning experience to step outside of your custom foods and traditions to learn about someone else's culture. Learning other cultures can help the girls be tolerant, cultured and more accepting and understanding towards all people.