Culture & Community

Appreciating Diversity

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 Girls Only! Session

Girls Only! Session

Lesson: Spider Web

Length of lesson: 15 Minutes

This activity is a simple and creative way to help participants recognize that everyone contributes something valuable as individuals to a community.

Lesson: Human Knot

Length of lesson: 15 minutes

This is a fun, physical and visual way for students to see that we are all connected and practice various communication and problem solving skills.

Lesson: Cross the Line

Length of lesson: 45 minutes

This exercise is a visually powerful way for participants to see they are not alone and that others may share their life experiences. Knowing they have an ally amongst their peers may save someone’s life as feeling isolated or outcast is a common cause for gang and drug involvement and suicide.

Lesson: Culture is Everywhere

Length of lesson: 45 minutes

Culture is a shared set of practices and traditions that characterize a society or group of people. Culture can include clothing, food, traditions, ceremonies, spiritual practices and beliefs, language, family structure, and communication styles. Culture is often, though not necessarily, correlated with ethnicity and racial identity. Culture plays a large role in individual identities.


Lesson: Diversity

Length of lesson: 45 minutes

Diversity means difference. There is great diversity amongst human beings that enriches our societies, communities, and lives as individuals. Child development research has revealed children begin to conceptualize gender, racial, and ability differences and begin to show signs of influence by societal norms and biases within their third year of life (Derman-Sparks and the A.B.C. Task Force 2); it is essential that anti-bias lessons begin at young ages so young people grow up to be accepting, respectful, and compassionate.