Field Trips

Explorations with Purpose

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 Girls Only! Field Trip

Girls Only! Field Trip

Field Trips

Field trips can be educational and socially engaging additions to Girls Only!. Field trips must be planned ahead of time, with attention to budget, transportation needs, and other logistics. Additional permission slips may be necessary for field trips. The objectives of all field trips is to expose participants to various parts of their community, facilitate connections between participants and others, and help participants understand themselves as members of their local community. The suggestions that follow are general ideas; research specific destinations and activities in or near your community. Social field trips are also beneficial to building camaraderie amongst participants and for having fun!

Discussion Topic Ideas:

What did you enjoy most about the field trip?
What are some things that you learned on the field trip that you didn’t know before?
What was the weirdest or funniest thing that you saw today?
What surprised you most about the field trip?
How did what you experienced today relate to what you’ve learned in Girls Only!?


THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE: Theater is a demonstrative form of cultural expression, allowing people to see stories play out before them, teaching lessons, and making statements about the human experience through something tangible and relatable. Whether writing, directing, or acting within the realm of theater, ideologies, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions are being articulated. Attending a theater performance (a dance show, a poetry reading, an acrobatics demonstration, an improvised performance, a drama, musical, or comedy performance) is an increasingly rare public happening in which large numbers of people gather into a shared space and experience something together, whereby building community. Young people can be engaged with theater on multiple levels, including with the content of the show, performance space, performers, and practical elements like costumes, lighting, set design, and make-up. Arrange to view an age appropriate performance related to a general Girls Only! theme or topic recently covered. Look for performances at local theaters or college campuses and ask for group discounts.

COLLEGE VISIT:  In the United States, quantity and quality of education help determine a person’s ability to contribute as a citizen and earn enough money to make a living. Higher education is a space in which people gain critical thinking skills, discover their personal potential, and become life-long learners. Exposing young people to college life helps build motivation and interest in continuing their education. Visiting a college campus, including taking a tour, observing a class, visiting a sports center, bookstore, and library, exposes young people to college life. Arrange for a tour of a community college or four-year university in your community and give participants a chance to talk to college students and ask questions.

MUSUEM VISIT:  Museums house relics of social and historical importance for public enjoyment and education. Museum exhibits expose young people to new experiences, artifacts from different time periods, and items from around the world. Visiting a museum engages young people outside of the classroom in an interactive way, intriguing them with relics from places they may not have the chance to visit. Decide what kind of museum you will take the participants to for the field trip: an art museum (painting, sculpture, photography, contemporary, historical), a science museum (natural history, archeological, cultural, exploratory), or an outdoor museum (arboretum, aquarium, zoo). Arrange a field trip to a museum hosting an exhibit related to a general Girls Only! theme or topic recently covered. Design a scavenger hunt for participants to search for specific things throughout the museum. 

NATURE EXPERIENCE: Spending time with nature stimulates the senses and creates awareness. Nature is where young people develop their senses through experimentation and experience, connecting the physical world—the world they observe with their touch, smell, taste, eyes and ears—to their mental world; this mental-physical connection promotes self-confidence. Developing a relationship with nature has mental health benefits in the same ways art and music does, helping young people develop motor skills and spatial awareness. Also, urban environments are increasingly polluted with smog and trash—making a trip outdoors provides an opportunity to breathe fresh air. Ideas for a nature visit: have a picnic at the park, have a beach day, go for a hike, take a camping trip, go swimming, kayaking, canoeing, or for a sail on a sailboat.

VOLUNTEER VENTURE:  Volunteerism or serving without monetary compensation, is a mutually beneficial way to engage young people with their communities: volunteers learn to help others and organizations in need get assistance without spending money. Volunteers learn new tasks, get experience working as a team for a common goal, and get exposed to various parts of their community. Arrange for participants to volunteer with an organization or on a project related to a general Girls Only! theme or topic recently covered. Ideas for service projects include: serving food at a homeless shelter, participating in a beach clean-up or neighborhood trash clean-up, tutoring or mentoring younger students, visiting senior citizens at a senior center, visiting and entertaining hospital patients, organizing a food or clothing drive for children in need, weeding or planting on a local farm, or working as ushers at a local theater production.