Downloadable Forms

To download the forms for Girls Only! click on the buttons below for the specific form you need where you will be prompted to download it in PDF form.

These forms are provided for your convenience, but they are not required. Feel free to create your own forms to best fit you program.

 Girls Only! Logo

Girls Only! Logo

Form: Girls Only! Participation Permission

This form is to be filled out by the parent/guardian of the child who will be participating in the program. It is required that you attain the permission of the child's parent(s)/guardian(s) so that they are aware of their child is involved in and if they have concerns regarding it. It is highly suggestive that you utilize this form before allowing girls to participate in the program.

Form: Closing Questionnaire

This questionnaire allows you to gain an insight at the girls have learned and find important to them. This allows you to gain their personal thoughts and perspective on the program and how it has changed them, whether positively or negatively.

Form: Sign-In Sheet

Keeping track of attendance of the participants is ideal when running a Girls Only! program. It allows you to gain insight on which participant(s) have frequent attendance. 



Form: Sample Certificate of Completion

Celebrate the participants with a graduation ceremony and a certificate of completion

Form: Assessment

This form allows you to measure informally post-results of what the girls have learned in the program and why they are important. It is not mandatory to conduct this assessment but is suggestive in order to learn and improve the program if necessary.