Graduation Day


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*This module contains a sample certificate of completion for the Girls Only! program

 Girls Only! Field Trip

Girls Only! Field Trip


Celebrating the achievements of participants with a ceremony, certificates and /or festive gathering, demonstrates that their hard work and dedication to the program is recognized and valued. The Graduation ceremony should reflect this valued recognition.

As with the majority of the program, the graduation ceremony can also be altered. The ceremony should ultimately be structured around the memorable events and changes that have taken place within the time of the chosen length of a full Girls Only! semester. The goals of the Graduation Ceremony are to:


  •  Acknowledge the growth of the girls over the course of the program
  • Showcase their hard work and progress to parents, guardians,  volunteers, and family
  • Celebrate the successful completion of the program


Based on funding it is also suggested to give the girls goodie bags, t-shirts, or any memorabilia that acknowledges the completion of each year for new and returning girls. Furthermore the graduation should include a display of work that the girls have completed, pictures to be shown in a PowerPoint or slideshow of the semester, or a creative performance from the girls. Some of these performances can include a learned dance routine or chant, poetry reading, or a short skit. Gather ideas from the girls on what they feel comfortable showcasing. An end of the year project is also suggested to be produced upon completing the program.


Where: Graduation can take place at a park, auditorium, or the same place that the Girls Only! sessions are held.

Where: Graduation can take place at a park, auditorium, or the same place that the Girls Only! sessions are held.



 Party Food and Beverages





Graduation Day Agenda

*The graduation ceremony should be pre rehearsed with the girls and last for no longer than an hour and a half. Arrive early to set up the ceremony and arrange for volunteer help ahead of time.

Introduction: (5-10 minutes)

  • Start by welcoming all of the attendees and introducing yourself to the audience.
  • Introduce any other facilitators or staff as well.
  • Explain to the audience general information about the program.
  • Highlight major events or share an interesting occurrence that took place during the year.

Guest Speakers: (10-20 minutes)

  • Start by saying a personal message to the girls. This can include things that you’re proud of them for and what this year of Girls Only! was like to you, include noted positive change in the girls as well.
  • Allow any volunteers or guest speakers that were majorly involved, to also make comments about the program.

Handing Out of Certificates: (Time contingent to the number of participants)

  • Read off each girls name and allow them to be acknowledged and receive their certificate.
  • Keep in mind that many families will also like to take pictures at this time.
  • If time permits, say something personal about each girl.

Showcase the Girls: (10-15 minutes)

  • Allow the girls to showcase their chosen performance. This can be a dance, poetry reading, or presentation of their projects.

Closing Remarks: (5-10 minutes)

  • Congratulate the girls for completing the program
  • Give personal thanks or thank you cards to all of the volunteers throughout the program.
  • Dismiss attendees to look at displayed work and to grab food and beverages.

Graduation Project Ideas


Graduation Paper:

Ask the girls to complete a 3 paragraph essay containing:

1.      What they learned from Girls Only!.

2.      How have they applied what they learned to their life thus far?

3.      What was the most memorable part of the program?


Self- Reflecting Collage:

Using a large colorful poster board, allow the girls to cut multiple pictures and symbols from different magazines that reflect important aspects of their lives as well as their future. Ask the girls to use labels to explain at least 4 significant pictures in the collage.

Memory Jars:

Obtain a small mason jar for each girl. Provide the girls with multiple supplies to make the mason jars decorative and reflective of their personalities. Prepare multiple pieces of “fortune cookie” sized strips of paper. Instruct the girls to write down various things that they’ve learned from Girls Only! on different strips of paper to be added into the jar.

Time Capsule:

Allow the girls to decorate a card board cylinder. (Card board cylinders can be found in paper towel roles.) Let the girls choose a time, 5-10 years from now, and have them write themselves a letter to be read on a particular date after the time lapse. Roll up the letters and stick them inside of the decorated “scroll”, use cellophane wrap and rubber bands to seal each end.

Girls Only! Scrapbook:

Develop multiple pictures of each girl and various activities completed throughout the year. Allow the girls to choose pictures and create their own special memories on a page to be included into a Girls Only! scrapbook.