Guest Speakers & Special Guests

Learning from Different Perspectives

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 Girls Only! Session

Girls Only! Session

Guest Speakers are a diverse addition to the daily lessons. Having guest speakers allows the girls to hear and learn information from multiple perspectives. Additionally, it’s also beneficial to expose the girls to various, positive role models.

When inviting a guest speaker, it’s important to be aware of the content that the speaker will be presenting ahead of time to ensure the content is appropriate and relative to the Girls Only! curriculum. It’s helpful to give the presenter a specific idea of certain points that you would like them to explore that are in-line with the topic. For example, if you are planning to invite a police officer on career day, email or meet with the guest ahead of time to confirm that the officer is prepared to discuss topics related to the career aspect of his or her life.

Sample Guest Speaker Outline

The guest speaker should introduce themselves to the group and include the following information into their introduction:

Recap all of the rules and expectations with the girls before inviting a guest speaker. The girls should be respectful and on their best behavior to show respect and appreciation for the speakers time.

  • Speaker introduces his/her name
  • Speaker introduces profession
  • Speaker explains what College or University they attended
  • Explain what they enjoyed about school and their profession
  • Speak about obstacles they had to overcome and how
  • Allow speaker to talk about related subject
  • Allow speaker to conclude by answering questions if he or she feels comfortable