Healthy Relationships

Respecting Yourself and Others

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 Girls Only! Session

Girls Only! Session

Lesson: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Length of lesson: 20 Minutes

To a young, impressionable mind, love can look like many things. In order to keep the girls safe and healthy, it is important to explain how love should look. It shouldn’t be possessive or controlling but kind and understanding. Guide the girls into recognizing and understanding the components of a healthy relationship.

Lesson: Red Light, Green Light

Length of lesson: 20 minutes

Prompt a discussion about the criteria the participants used to categorize the qualities or behaviors that are healthy or desired in a relationship. Talk about the qualities that participants feel fall into definite categories as well as behaviors that are worrisome.  This activity is an interactive way to discuss what can be acceptable and unacceptable in various circumstances.

Lesson: Relationship Violence- Take a Stand

Length of lesson: 45 minutes

Relationships are connections between parents and children, friends, and people who choose to be romantic with each other. Relationship violence occurs when power, control, and abuse are at the center of a relationship. Violent relationships are characterized by emotional/verbal abuse, sexual coercion, financial/economic abuse, sexism, blaming or shaming, isolation and extreme jealousy, and intimidation and threats.

Lesson: Understanding Others

Length of lesson: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Having empathy and understanding is significant to any good relationship. Being able to put yourself into someone else shoes allows you to trust, support, and understand that person. While we are all very different, there are always some unique way that we can connect to all people. Being able to connect is crucial to the growth and progression of mankind.


Lesson: Forgiveness

Length of lesson: 45 Minutes

Forgiveness is letting go of anger and resentment you feel towards somebody who has done something to you. Forgiving someone for something they have done to you, no matter how big or small, requires compassion, empathy, and courage. Recognizing the power of forgiveness helps young people maintain healthy relationships, build strong friendships, and think before they act.