Safe Practices

Being Aware & Staying Safe in Dangerous Situation

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 Girls Only! Session

Girls Only! Session


Lesson: Balloon Questions

Length of lesson: 20 Minutes

Sometimes it could be uneasy prompting discussion on things such as sex, drugs, alcohol, or sex trafficking. Balloon questions are a silly way to get the girls more comfortable about learning and talking about these subjects.


Lesson: Violence

Length of lesson: 45 minutes

Violence can range from extreme physical violence such as murder and rape to verbal or emotional abuse such as name calling and constant criticism to institutional violence such as racism and homophobia. All types of violence are used to exert power and control and have profound effects on personal health and well-being. Girls and women are directly or indirectly affected by sexual violence and abuse, physical violence and abuse, and/or emotional abuse sometime in their lives.

Lesson: Bullying

Length of lesson: 45 minutes

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Women’s Health, “bullying is when one person or a group of people repeatedly hurts someone else.” Bullying can include hitting, gossiping, name calling, teasing, spreading gossip or rumors, telling lies, excluding, threatening, telling secrets, giving the silent treatment, betrayal, or harassment. Bullying is often done on purpose and happens “at school, in the park, on a sports team, or even at home.” Though boys and girls bully each other, bullying amongst girls is uniquely nasty.

Lesson: Alcohol & Drugs

Length of lesson: 45 minutes

According to several studies, young people begin experimenting with drugs at ages 12 to 17; considering this reality, drug and alcohol prevention efforts must target younger children to prevent them from ever using drugs in the first place. “A number of findings have shown that adolescent females display unique vulnerabilities that can lead to substance abuse. Furthermore, research reveals that drug abuse has a profound impact on teen girls, both physically and psychologically” (Girls and Drugs 2).

Lesson: Puberty & Human Sexuality

Length of lesson: 45 Minutes

Comprehensive sex education is a key strategy to lowering rates of teen pregnancy and STDs, as well as providing girls with positive, pro-social alternatives to sexual activity. It is imperative this education is presented to girls even as young as 8 to 12, which is ideally prior to their becoming sexually active. For girls ages 8 to 12, knowing what is going on in their bodies can help them face the challenges of puberty and help them retain self-esteem, lowering the risk of drug use, gang involvement, and unsafe sex practices.