Successful Planning

Setting Goals & Achieving Them

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 Girls Only! Session

Girls Only! Session

Lesson: Setting Goals: Long-Term & Short-Term

Length of lesson: 30 Minutes

Learning to set and work towards goals is an important life skill. A goal is something you are aiming to get or have or do, it is a desired destination or result that is self-desired. Setting goals helps you stay motivated and provides direction, especially when things are stressful or difficult and you feel like giving up.

Lesson: Turning Over a New Leaf

Length of lesson: 30 Minutes

Self-reflection is an essential part of personal growth and development. When reflecting, there are things that you can praise yourself for, however it is also important to recognize areas in which you could improve upon. The term turning over a new leaf refers to changing an old method and starting fresh with a new method.

Lesson: Vision Boards

Length of lesson: 45 minutes

Vision boards are a creative way to illustrate your goals and a colorful reminder to stay focused on your goals. Vision boards are meant to be personal, unique and hung somewhere to be seen by the artist daily. Vision boards can include pictures and quotes used to inspire or drive you.


Lesson: Taking Control

Length of lesson: 20 Minutes

The objective of this activity is for the girls to acquire greater freedom and responsibility over situations in their life. Parents may sometimes find it difficult to allow you to take charge of your life. Gaining your freedom means gaining their trust. You gain their trust by acting in a responsible manner.